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October 5, 2005 by Angloesque
A co-worker of mine invited me to join her book club. They were currently reading The Time Traveler's Wife (which, by the way, I highly recommend) and it would be held tonight at one of the member's homes. I don't know my co-worker very well, but she seems like the type I would really like, so I accepted the invitation, read the book, and went to the house.

There I found four women interested in (1) wine, (2) home decorating, (3) clothing, (4) their kids, and (5) the book, in approximately th...
June 30, 2005 by Angloesque
So...it's probably safe to assume that there aren't many on here who are excited about the next Harry Potter book, . But surely I can't be the only grown-up looking forward to this sixth installment in the seven-book series, either.

Once upon a time, I thought J.K. Rowling got lucky by being able to spin so much plot off her first, rather innocent children's book. But as I read more, it's obvious she's been planning the series from the beginning. The sixth book reportedly answers many more qu...
November 23, 2004 by Angloesque
ABC's "Desperate Housewives" stole the Sunday 9 p.m. slot from the network's other hit show, "Alias," which is due to premier in January and run straight through the end of the season (no annoying out-of-sequence episodes to mess you up, since the script is probably the most complicated in primetime television). General blog and viewer comments suggested it might take the place of "Boston Legal," on Sundays at 10 (and IMHO a very stupid show), but that was not to be. The success of DH has moved ...
October 4, 2004 by Angloesque
"Desperate Housewives, the new ABC prime-time soap (Sundays, 9 p.m. ET), bites into the shiny red apple of American suburbia and finds a worm inside." --slate.msn.com

I clicked on the review for "Desperate Housewives," wondering what their writer thought. At first I encountered that pretty metaphor above, but by the end of the article, I still wasn't sure whether the reviewer thought it was good or bad or just an opportunity for her to write pretty paragraphs and get paid for it.

What is i...
June 4, 2004 by Angloesque
Bumping into about twenty of my college freshers (my students, two days before finals) out past their curfew notwithstanding, I had a great time watching Harry Potter. This movie is darker and funnier than its predecessors and the director sticks to the storyline fairly well.

The movie is very streamlined--no Hermione getting mad at Harry and Ron, no Firebolt getting confiscated, not much Snape/Harry friction--and I have to wonder if people who haven't read the books would understand all the...
February 28, 2004 by Angloesque
Saw "The Passion of the Christ" on Wednesday when it opened. Could have posted this sooner, but didn't because (a) I wanted to internalize the movie a bit more, and ( I'm at a place where the Internet is slower than my fiance's driving. Advance apologies for typos but the keyboard : monitor delay is a good three seconds sometimes, and I type really fast.

Entered the theatre wondering about the merit of the anti-Semitism claims. Figured I'd give the movie a fair shot since I have general resp...