Published on March 2, 2004 By Angloesque In Politics
I love a good bumper sticker, as long as it's not depreciating the value of my car. My favorite political one thus far is the following:

"Republicans for Voldemort"

Link and Link

www.goats.com is the maker and I don't follow all their comic strips, but it's worth a gander (which is punny if you see the site).

I'll vote for anyone but a Republican, or anyone but a Democrat, or anyone but Nader, whatever he is...

on Mar 02, 2004
My favorite bumpersticker is IF YOU DON'T LIKE CANADA THEN GIVE IT BACK!!!

(maybe it helps to know that I am an Anishnaabe-kwe living in Ontario.)
on Mar 02, 2004
I saw a bumpersticker which said "God bless ALL nations". I thought that was clever.
on Mar 02, 2004
Heh, funny.

What's "Anishnaabe-kwe"? Sounds vaguely African, but that doesn't make sense.