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And like most crimes of that category, it's by someone I know. Someone who knows me. Someone who knows my husband. Someone who will probably read this, and to whom I say, leave. Leave now. You're not a JU and never have been, you're not interested in the site, you're not brought here with referrals or any simple curiosity or altruistic reason. You're come here to keep tabs on me and report to others what I say. Others who have no business in my life, like yourself.

To my JU friends, I don't know what to do. H doesn't read my blog unless I tell him to, or he asks; otherwise I tell no one about this site. I'm not entirely sure how this person found out that I blog here, though I have an idea. Anyway, I'm going to have to censor what I say now that this person is watching me, as my subjects to write about will be somewhat limited.

I prize my privacy and am uber-pissed that it's being invaded. JU has last much of its magic for me, through no fault of itself.



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on Jan 06, 2005
sorry to hear about your situation..isn't there a way you can block this person from reading your blogs?
on Jan 06, 2005
Have you tried creating a custom audience? I haven't, so I don't know how it works, but this may be a time to figure it out. This sounds really terrible.

Best of luck in figuring out how to get your e-freedom back.
on Jan 06, 2005
custom audience works for keeping everyone out but the select few - so you could have your regulars reading only - no lurkers like me who read you regularly and respond seldom and no anonymous users.

it works just like a private blog - I've used it a couple of times as an open message to one of my real life friends who users joeuser - its better then email.

it would be the only way to stop that person registered or not to stop "reading" your articles - you can prevent them from replying but unless you use custom audience they can still read it - which sux I know from experience.

on Jan 06, 2005
That sucks the pits, A. Who is it? Some relative or someone who works/worked with you?

Not much around it. Custom audience seems to be the only solution for really private matters...
on Jan 06, 2005

Custom audience would be the way to go.  I'm sorry that you have to do that.....I don't understand why people have to be such jackasses and do stuff like this.


on Jan 06, 2005
blah but that sucks having to make a custom audience

I always thought it would rule if the blacklist function meant that not only could the blacklisted person not comment, they also couldn't read your blog at all...

but I'm sure that would be a helluva lotta coding and new programming and other things that are hard to implement
on Jan 06, 2005
I really wish people would learn their limits--hopefully they will get the hint (as it wasn't too subtle)!

If you make a custom audience list, I hope I'm on it!
on Jan 06, 2005
Sadly, the electronic medium has it's good and bad points. A custom audience might solve the problem of the "stalker" reading your stuff (you can probably be sure s/he won't go away on own) but then you lose the random readers that are sometimes so nice to have around. Blogging has a draw because you know that "someone out there" is reading your blog and enjoying/sympathizing/hearing what you wrote. It makes you feel like you are not alone, and the people who read are (for the most part) strangers. It feels good to know we can connect to people like that and get a relatively objective viewpoint on what we write. Perhaps a custom audience for those blogs where you can't share what you've written with everyone, and another for the stuff you'd like to share? Sorry for your troubles. I hope it works out.
on Jan 06, 2005
I'm sorry to read of this predicament!
Why can't SOME people learn about boundaries and live THEIR OWN lives??? Perhaps their own lives are pathetic little nothingness days........
IF it was safe for you to do so, and IF you wanted to, maybe you could say some really mean, but true, things about this low life. IF you wanted to get even, there's always the telling of their "secrets" all the little things they shared with you, however I believe that you're a person with a healthy belief system, with respect for a fellow human being.
Maybe that's what this "person" is counting on.... the fact that you won't tell their secrets and thoughts.....
.I know if it was me that was doing this to someone, and no I'm not into stalking!!!! I would be mortified to read rude things about me!!! I'd never go back to read more!!! Nuf said!
It's a shame we can't "rope" this person and expose him/her for the jerk that he or she is, by publicly humiliating them, right in the middle of town. No stone throwing allowed tho!!!
Hang in there! By the looks of this community, you have many friends behind you!! Trudygolightly
on Jan 06, 2005
I'm so sorry to read that this is happening to you. Is there absolutely nothing you can do about this? I do hope you will be able to.
on Jan 06, 2005
Here's what I would do, I would make up a blog so outrageous and hideous, something like a real in depth description of something like:

1. I steal from my job
2. I am a nympomaniac
3. I have an out of control cocaine addiction
4. I am a closet homosexual
5. I have indulged in incest
6. I think_______ (fill in the blank with details of the person who you think is stalking you) is so HOT!
7. I am a communist
8. I drown puppies and kittens
9. I am a chronic masturbator
10. I HATE______ (fill in the blank of someone you and the stalker both know)
11. I worship Satan
12. I have a toilet fetish

In short, something that'll give the Motherf***er somethin' to talk about! Give his sick shit right back to 'em, and see if he repeats it...
on Jan 06, 2005
How creepy. Not to mention RUDE! The nerve of people. I do hope you feel better.
I think shovelheat has a good idea..
on Jan 06, 2005
That sucks the pits, A. Who is it? Some relative or someone who works/worked with you?

Wow, somehow I always thought "sucked" was in itself a graphic enough term; "sucks the pits" is even more graphic, and, IMHO, disgusting. Mm. Tonguing hairy underarms (HEY STALKER, BET YOU DON'T WANT TO READ ME NOW, EH?) Anyway, who is it? It is someone I'm related to through marriage. (Yeah, stalker, that's right--I had the guts to say it.) I never blog from work.

I'm not going to do the custom audience thing except when I'm desperate. I've done it once and it was okay, but, well, y'know. That limits me from meeting new people and my sidebar has been still for awhile (good, but still).

Here's what I would do, I would make up a blog so outrageous and hideous, something like a real in depth description of something like:[...]

Wow, there's a month of blog fodder. Only one of them is true, and it was just a stapler. ("E-e-ex-coose m-m-e, s-sir, b-but I-I th-think y-you t-took my s-s-stapler....")

Grr. It's so strange replying and knowing this is being read by outside entities.

*insert shaking fist of rage*

on Jan 06, 2005
A - Can I give your blog stalker a few smileys? Please? Okay, I am going to take the silence as permission.

on Jan 06, 2005
L.O.L @ you, BlueDev. That made my day.

The strange thing is that I know, and this person knows, and I've ackowledged this person's presence; now what do I do when we see each other? I suppose this person could plead ignorance if I were to bring it up, and I'm not a big fan of confrontation. I guess I'll just smile like Mona Lisa.