Of course it does!
Published on October 20, 2004 By Angloesque In Politics
Which of the following to you hear most about:

1. The U.S. presidential election
2. The war in Iraq
3. The war in Afghanistan
4. Your local senate race
5. The genocide in Sudan

Probably not #5. In fact, you have to read pretty carefully to even get an idea that it's going on. Kristof from the NYT reports that about 100,000 people (men, women, children) have died. Look at a stadium full of people watching a football game and think about all of them, dead. And at most stadiums, that's only five figures, not six. You'd have to double some of the stadiums to get that number.

Frankly, I'm disgusted by the media. I'm not going to give another ounce of care about the presidential election--it's overshadowing--scratch that, it's drowning out other news that is affecting our world. It makes me disturbingly angry that there can't be some kind of balance during election season. I'm not saying the presidential election isn't important--I'm saying it isn't important enough to take the place of everything else that's happening in the world. And damn the politicians and the pundits and reporters for not recognizing the importance of that--they don't deserve our votes or our viewing and they surely don't deserve their salaries.

At the moment I'm not sure what I can do for Sudan--give money to the aid workers who try to make a difference is one way. Writing to my senator is another...but, hey, what if s/he doesn't get reelected? S/he's more focused on the damn campaign than anything I have to say. And that's not democracy--that's ludicrous.

on Oct 20, 2004
This is the very reason I have any site that has news on it set to an international edition.... because there is so much election news that everything else is secondary...

I used to play a game with a few people where we'd try to figure out how big a story would have to be to knock off the current saturated topic of conversation on the news. I think at this moment, LA or SF would have to be hit by a big earthquake to knock the election back some. Or if Ben Affleck killed a couple of people. Or scientists sighted an alien ship coming to make first contact with us.

It'd have to be a big story.... maybe bigger than those even.

on Oct 20, 2004
Historyishere, the funny thing is, you've got Mt. Saint Helens NOT erupting, and that makes the news.... bah.

I remember why I majored in journalism--I wanted to make sure topics like the Sudan crisis were covered. But then I realized how crappy the media is.

Thanks for the comment.
on Oct 20, 2004
I watch a combination of Fox News and Newsworld International and than I check out Drudge so I try to keep on a lot of what is happening in the world. Guess I could be a news junkie, oh well.

Though you have to remember whatever gets the HIGHEST ratings gets the HIGHEST coverage in the World of Media.

That goes for all news outlets including Newsworld International.

- Grimed Xopple
on Oct 20, 2004
Very isnightful article Angloesque. It is interesting to spend some time out of the US and realize just how much there is going on. Of course domestic issues are important. Of course we need to be educating ourselves to make the most informed decision possible in electing our president.

But do we really need to know how far they traveled each day? Who they shook hands with? How many times they blew their nose?

I think not.

I watch the local news to know what is happening around me, then usually use the paper and the net to try and get a bit more information on what is going in elsewhere. It can get very discouraging though.
on Oct 20, 2004
Thanks for the comments. I would hope that I'm just being overly cynical and that more people get broader news from beyond the mainstream like you guys. But if you only get your news from NBC, CBS, or FOX, then that's scary.

From what I've seen of the big three, you could switch from station to station and still pick up the same stories in the same order: Martha Stewart going to jail, Kobe Bryant, Scott Peterson, the election, war in Iraq...and yet there's still so much more going on. And FOX, well...yeah. Not a vast improvement.

The newspapers are a little better, but it seems that the "other" news gets shunted to inside pages where fewer readers dare to tread.

The funny thing is that in spite of all this election coverage, I think most people would still have to do some research to understand the issues. That makes the news media --what's the Jon Stewart line?-- "Partisan hacks."