I miss that fella....
Published on June 17, 2004 By Angloesque In Politics
Given the shiftiness of Kerry's position (he has one? which one?), and Bush's inclination to war, oil, and disinclination toward the environment, and Nader's just overall weirdness, I want good ol' Dean back. He was different. He was out there, loud, new, fresh; not the old school, toeing the party line like Kerry and Bush, saying what people want to hear.

I miss that scream. That was the one moment where I thought, Hey, the guy's got character.

Bush's character: Defensive on terms of the economy, Iraq, education, and everything else; sort of redneck, doesn't care if he steps on toes, etc. A little less likely to know the "right" thing to say at the right time, but when he reads off a teleprompter, he's got the "right" words...

Kerry's character: (which one?) Actually his wife's a character... Kerry, he's just as slimy as the other lawyers, prosecutors being among my least favorites, saying what the jury needs to hear in order to convict. For whatever reason, I can't figure out who the Kerry underneath that lawerly facade is. Maybe I'm not looking?

Nader: Uh, who?

Dean: Honest, not just his heart on his sleeve but his mind on his sleeve. That was refreshing. I want it back again. Plus a wife uninterested in politics? Eeeeeeeeeeeexcellent.

on Jun 17, 2004

Yeah, I miss Dean too. He would've made a better candidate. I thought he had a lot of momentum behind him with the internet grassroots campaign but maybe the internet vote isn't big enough to take out party machinery and big money yet.
on Jun 17, 2004
Although I really didn't care for Dean, I do agree that he's much better than Kerry. I respect genuineness in a person, and Dean has far more than Kerry ever had in his entire life.