Published on March 15, 2006 By Angloesque In Blogging
I've returned just in time to see the detritus of another soap opera fiasco. Hmm. So sorry to have missed it. For the last couple months I've been blogging elsewhere. I don't have the anonymity I had here, but I'm not bombarded by idiots, either. Then again, I don't get the variety of perspectives.

Call it even.

Anyway, cheers all.


on Mar 16, 2006
Woohoo!!  Glad to see you back A.
on Mar 16, 2006
just another idiot who wanted to bombard you with my different perspective - lol! sorry you missed the drama. it's always ~ interesting~ how seriously some people take their cyber adventures.
on Mar 23, 2006
Hey, so good to see you here. Hope everything is going well for you.

I've just got back after being away and I missed the drama too. One thing is for sure, though, if I wait long enough, another will start.

Hope you stick around. You've been missed.