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Published on February 4, 2005 By Angloesque In Current Events
Two teenage girls made cookies and delivered them to people in their neighborhood. The thanks they got? A $900 lawsuit by one of the recipients.

Short version: Girls made cookies and started delivering them around 9 p.m. to houses that had lights on, with little notes that said, "Have a great night. Love, the T & L club" (their initials). They got to this particular recipient's home at about 10:30 p.m. (seems a bit late to me, but it's not like it's two in the a.m.). These houses are a bit rural--outside of Durango, CO--and apparently Ms. Wanita Renea Young freaked out, called the sherriff, then spent the night before going to the hospital which racked up $800+ in medical bills. So she sued the girls in spite of their written apologies and their parents' offers to pay for her medical costs if she'd indemnify them against further damage. (Hey, if the lady's gonna sue over cookies, she'd sue for tripping as she threw the cookies in her trash.)

A fuller version of the story is here: Link

This is wrong on so many levels.
1. That Wanita Renea Young would be scared to look out her front door to see who's standing there.
2. That Wanita Renea Young would panic because someone was knocking in her door. (The extent of the knocking and whether or not it was banging I do not know.)
3. That Wanita Renea Young would wait until the morning to go to the hospital.
4. That Wanita Renea Young would realize this was a good deed gone mildly wrong, and still have the nerve to sue.
5. That a lawyer would take Wanita Renea Young's case.
6. That a JUDGE would take Wanita Renea Young's case instead of binning it like it belongs.
7. That a judge would find two teenage girls (who aren't out smoking, drinking, and getting pregnant and STD-laced) guilty of delivering cookies. (Girls Scouts, beware.)
8. That a judge would make the girls or their families pay the full cost, if any.
9. That Wanita Renea Young can't open her stupid fucking eyes and see how she, personally, is making America a worse place to be in.

America, WAKE UP! Are we really going to sue our neighbors over things like this?

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on Feb 04, 2005
I wonder who's gonna get her silly ass rolled perpetually for the next 20 years. If this were my neighborhood, she might have won her $900, but she'd regret it the rest of her harrowed life... and it wouldn't be cookies on her doorstep...

I think the statement in the article:

"She thought they were burglars or some neighbors she had tangled with in the past, she said."

Speaks volumes. This looks like a kook who found an equally kooky judge. In order for these kids to be found responsible, they'd have to have reason to believe knocking on someone's door at 10:30 would have that effect. Since no one in their right mind would respond that way to a knock on the door, they shouldn't have been found liable.

on Feb 04, 2005
That is just WRONG (I'll agree with your use of capitals). But then again, we are in america, the land of the stupid and frivilous lawsuit I've thought for years it would be a nice thing to pass out cookies to my neighbors, I guess I'll play it safe from now on and never be kind to anyone again...
ps I fail to see how the google search leading to porn is entertaing, but I guess that's just me
on Feb 04, 2005
The girls might have lost $800+, but the woman will always be miserable and nucking futs!
Let's hope the judge faces some real justice for his ruling.
on Feb 05, 2005
You're right - we're nuts. For having lawyers/judges this insane and for letting them out of the asylum in the first place.

The downfall of our society, when it comes, will be at the hands of the cancer of the trial lawyers (plaintiff bar).

on Feb 05, 2005
Once again proving that they've locked up all the sane people and the insane control the world.
on Feb 05, 2005
Anyone have an address for this *****? I would love to send her a letter stating how horrible of a person she is.
on Feb 05, 2005
Wow! I just read this story on Google news. Makes me proud to be a Canadian, no frivilous lawsuits up here (more or less). Add to that the medicare system and poof! No suing over cookies. I feel sorry for those poor girls. I would love to have daughters who feel the need to do good things for other people. One piece of legislation that would radically overhaul the American suit-happy legal-system is this. Loser pays all the bills. Period. So you better be sure you are going to win rather than opt for an annoyance suit and an out of court settlement. Cheers to all and don't stop doing good stuff. Otherwise what'shername wins....
on Feb 05, 2005
The girls should countersue this witch for mental anguish and the judge should be investigated. This is a prime example of a legal system out of control. Good article by the way. harrill7@aol.com
on Feb 05, 2005
Well, for one thing, this story INCENSES me. I...
uh, oh...
I'm having an anxiety attack, which, you know, may very well be a heart attack but I CAN'T TELL THE DIFFERENCE BECAUSE I'M MENTALLY ILL, ya know?
on Feb 05, 2005
Another thing wrong with America....

Ummmm, my first thought was, how the hell did it cost $800+ in hospital bills? Is that normal? Pardon my ignorance, but while I am an american, I haven't been home since I voted in 1996.

on Feb 05, 2005
What disturbs me most when reading it, is that the judge actually ruled to Young's favor.
on Feb 05, 2005
I hope the cookies were dry and unpalatable..

Seriously disconcerting to read this kind of justice tripe.
on Feb 05, 2005
Unbelievable and I just did my taxes and still owe the goverment more money to pay the idiot judge. Well maybe she will treat herself to a nice steak dinner with $900. Then real justice will hopefully prevail as she chokes on her fing steak.
on Feb 05, 2005
I'm guessing the verdict wil be vacated on appeal. Hopefully they ARE appealing this. What a freakin joke.

In my old neighborhood, this goes beyond TPing their house...Were talking flaming bags of dogcrap every holiday for 20 years

on Feb 05, 2005
Wouldn't it be great if when she got home there was a real burglar in her house?
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